This is a digital E.P. released as the world changes around us. As quarantine hit and the statesmen unraveled our fates, we locked ourselves in the studio and we made this for you.

This Soundtrack To Your Apocalypse.

We made it free.

We made it free because even if we don’t know what’s around the corner, we know people will need music.

If you want to donate, it will buy us groceries and keep a roof over our head. If you can’t donate, we hope you share this and help us in that way.

We’re giving away some of the money we make, directly to help healthcare workers and their families.

We chose this charity: but we’re also down for suggestions.

We’re selling prints, t-shirts, and hoodies, designed by cartoon legend Zombieteeth. Buying our merch is a great way of supporting the band. It also makes us feel less guilty for using your money to live and fund the band. We’re also giving a portion of all merch made to the same charity. Coz we can.

This is a call to be better. To be kinder. To share strength. To be a community that leads with love. To hold politicians accountable.

This is for us, this is for you, and this is to help as much as we can.